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Evaluation plan 2

Goal: Test how the product behaves when it is in use and ‘’on the road’’.

As verifying whether the product might work or not is not enough to verify if the design is actually doing as it is intended. It is important that a second test is conducted. This second test will verify whether the design is strong enough and holds the walker onto the tricycle in several situations. As there is no real way to quantify any of the results, we should think about qualifiable options to test the walker with.  

This can be achieved with the help of clear observations when the product is in its intended use. This will be done by observing whilst the participant is cycling from for instance his home to the store. The goal is that the user goes over several speedbumps and sidewalk bumps to see if the walker falls off in the process and verify whether the designed closing mechanism keeps the walker in place.  

The people involved will be the participant, as they are cycling their bike and acting like they are using their product. Together with one of the group members who follows on the bike and tries to make video material of what is all happening.  

The following materials will be used for the evaluation 

  • Participants walker 

  • Participants tricycle  

  • Designed product 


  • Ask the participant if they are okay with filming results for later analysis.  

  • Ask the participant to go somewhere (for instance the supermarket) 

  • Let the participant go outside 

  • Let the participant place the walker on the tricycle 

  • Check, is everything set up correctly? 

  • Ask the participant to get on the bike and on their way 

  • Follow the participant closely whilst filming 

  • Arrive at the destination 

  • Remove the walker from the tricycle  

  • Analyse the results from the filmed videos.  


Measurement equipment: 

  • Camera 

  • Microphone 

Data processing 

During the trip to the supermarket it will become clear how the product behaves in certain conditions. For instance on rougher terrain or a bumpy road. This gives good insight in whether the closing mechanism functions properly and does not come lose whilst using the product. This makes sure that the product is safe to use on the road and that the walker does not obstruct things like bike reflectors and lights. The results also might make things clear on what needs to be redesigned when the product will be developed into further detail.  

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