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Evaluation Plan 1

Goal: Test how long it takes the user to attach the walker to their bike. The goal is to minimize this time as much as possible by making it easy for the user to grab the walker etc.

The method used in this case will then be observations. As we want to see the participant work with the final product. This is possible because a large portion of the working functions will be working with the final prototype. The measurement variable will be the time it takes for the user to attach the walker to the tricycle. This basically measures how long the participant will take to reach the end goal of the product. In order to make sure that the test results are valid and can actually be used. The test will be performed around 5 times. Then the average will be taken of the five measurements to calculate the average time taken to attach the walker to the tricycle.


The people who are involved will be the following participants.

In order to verify if the product works as intended one of the members of the design team will try to attach the walker to the tricycle. Hence this will be one of the people involved in the test. After this, the project participant will test the product themselves according to the previously described method. This person is selected because they will be the user of the final product in the end.


The following materials will be used to perform the evaluation:

  • Participants Walker

  • Participants Tricycle

  • Working prototype

  • Stopwatch

  • Time writing sheet.

  • Camera  


  1. Setting up the test, this include setting up the tricycle and the walker

  2. Showing the participant the design made.

  3. Explaining the workings of the design to the participant.

  4. Placing the design in the basket of the tricycle

  5. Final check, is everything set up correctly?

  6. Let the participant attach the walker to the tricycle using the design.

  7. Stop the time and write down the results

  8. Detach the walker from the tricycle

  9. Repeat step 5 to 8 five times.

  10. Calculate the average and draw conclusions of the results.

Measurement equipment

  • Stopwatch

  • camera

Data processing

As the average time does not say a lot about the usability of the product. The comparison will be made between the times of one of the team members and the times of the participant. Together with the videos made during the test they form a solid basis for answering the question in how fast it would be attachable. The videos can help the design team find points of strength and points of weakness in the design. They pinpoint things that might need redesigning and things that should definitely not be changed. If the prototype works like it should the prototype might even be given to the participant as a gift. This means that they could use the working prototype during the cycling.

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