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Co Designing

Co-designing with the participant was not always an easy task. As designers, it is important to communicate well with the participant and listen to his problems. During the first phase of the project the conversations are about getting to know each other and learning about the impairment of the participant. Together, you try to find solutions for his problem and get to the best results. During the project, the problems that needed to be solved changed, which was quite a challenge, since a new product had to be designed within a short period of time. Even though the design challenge changed, with the use of co-design it was still possible to come up with a new solution for the participants problem. Three main methods were used for the co-design process, namely the diary, acting out scenarios and designing together with the participant. While using these methods, the problem of the participant ‘not being able to carry around his walker with his tricycle’ was solved.

In this part you can read about the design process and all the changes that were made during the co-designing phase. This phase is build up around the following structure:

  1. Final design challenge

  2. Co design methods and results

  3. Developed concepts

  4. Final concept

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